What if design is a collective act?

It started on a Friday.
The J*GAST collective

Jan, Gerry, Ana, Sven and Tobi always met up on a Friday to talk about design, principles and values: that is where J*GAST evolved. Jan Heinzelmann, Gerhardt Kellermann, Ana Relvão, Sven Petzold and Tobias Petri have received numerous national and international awards as industrial designers or cabinet makers and have meanwhile acquired a wealth of experience. They have decided to contribute this experience to their collective work on the J*GAST kitchen and have thus deliberately dispensed with individual design. In favour of the ideal concept that only comes about in such a multi-layered collaboration.

Jan Gerry Ana Sven Tobi Jan Gerry Ana Sven Tobi 

The collective strives to continue the discussion about a holistic understanding of the kitchen as a living space. In a series of events that aims to discuss the myths and possibilities of contemporary food and kitchen culture.

The Open Table is an event format dedicated to the kitchen as a communal space: food for thought is provided by a variety of invited guests who share their perspectives on the topic. From production conditions to food culture: it's all about personal exchanges, new perspectives and shared enjoyment.

The Open Table