What if we individualise mass construction?

We have transformed mass construction into customisation. We design kitchens that are made for the individual environment of their users and at the same time are a living focal point – neither a backdrop nor a status symbol.

The kitchen: a focal point for dining, living, getting together. It should be a comfort zone where everyone feels at home. And a cultural zone featuring convincing design, aesthetics and high-quality materials.

F*ck the fake:
the material is essential for the design. High quality, authentic, beyond all standards.

We curate and combine materials of high quality. On request, we also realise individual ideas in terms of colour, material or surface finish.

J*Gast offers a wide variety of high-quality materials and surface finishes for designing your very own kitchen. Our focus is on material authenticity and we have curated harmonious combinations of the following materials: real wood veneers, solid woods, lacquered surfaces in various haptics and colours, ultra-matt and highly-durable laminates for the fronts as well as metals and natural stone for the worktop area.

We look forward to showing you the complete portfolio of all our materials in person and using them to create the perfect design for your kitchen.

What if we reinvent given norms?

We have liberated the kitchen from its established principles in order to be able to design the best kitchen for each individual architecture.

Our principles and corporate values

The aesthetics of systematic thinking: J*GAST designs kitchens that are hand-crafted and thought through to the last detail for machine production. The result is a systemic individuality that itself becomes the defining design element. The frame construction remains visible in some parts of the kitchen, as does the constructive element of the handle bar made of solid wood. “Furniture must solve problems as complex as large building constructions”, Jean Prouvé once said. J*GAST goes a step further: furniture from J*GAST fits into the surrounding building structure in a complex way – without appearing complicated. Intelligent, economical, simple. Fitted kitchens that fit seamlessly into any architecture.

The kitchen design is based on a craftsman's way of thinking. It unites all of the characteristics of quality, precision, perfection and a high degree of attention to detail. These kitchens are not produced on a wooden workbench. Rather, they reflect a high-tech, fully-automated production line. Thanks to the combination of these concepts and building methods, we design kitchens that solve all individual requests and architectural challenges. Kitchens that combine forward thinking with sustainability.

Hedonistic sustainability: this is the principle of J*GAST kitchens. Sustainability that is characterised by intelligence and design, creating space for joie de vivre.
Materials are selected and processed according to clearly-defined sustainability guidelines. The aim is to make all processes increasingly sustainable, to conserve resources, avoid waste and thus vouch for long-lasting quality. Our principle saves approx. 40% of material compared to the carcass construction of commercially available kitchens. This material reduction, in combination with flat packaging, ensures a 50% lower transport volume – and thus a significantly reduced CO2 footprint. In addition, J*GAST uses only certified woods and wood-based materials. Naturally renewable materials form the basis for our kitchens. And to ensure that this remains the case in the future, protection of the environment and climate is firmly anchored in the company's DNA.

Out of conviction, we already process mostly wood-based materials of certified sustainable origin. Many of our system components are made of solid real wood, to which we apply the same high standards of sustainable cultivation.