What if we come up with a new system?

So long, standard sizes: We have said goodbye to classic carcass furniture in order to design in a way which is equally systematic as it is individual from now on.

Thanks to our patented frame, the J*GAST kitchen adapts flexibly to all spatial conditions and offers extraordinary design possibilities. This is how we design furniture that offers a solution for every spatial and personal requirement. In a way, our system is a classic fitted kitchen – but entirely reconceived.

What is special about the system?

The right framework for any kitchen: the frame is the core element of a J*GAST kitchen. It adapts to all architectural challenges, is flexible in height and width. Our frame is the backbone for modules of any size.

Unique in the J*GAST system: the modules are connected by individual side panels. This makes it possible to combine single and open fronts without constructive division of the view in the kitchen front. The striking handle bar provides a functional and formal division of the area horizontally. This creates the characteristic interplay of levels and the unmistakable joint pattern of our kitchens.

In terms of fittings, the kitchens can be intelligently individualised. With detailing, for example in the drawers, interior segmentation, integrated flush LED lighting, push-to-open fittings or even the pocket door concept: turn-and-slide doors that conceal the appliances when closed and elegantly disappear into the furniture when opened.

The innovation of the J*GAST system goes hand in hand with a significant reduction in materials. The frame construction of the J*GAST kitchen requires only a single side panel, whereas in the standard carcass kitchen these are duplicated.

The systemic reduction in material, in turn, leads to a significant reduction in packaging volume. In addition, a J*GAST kitchen can be shipped flat in its individual parts, compared to the large volumes generated by the classic kitchen carcass. Both of these factors lead to a very low CO2 footprint in logistics at J*GAST.

The special features of the J*GAST system in detail.