The individuality of a J*GAST kitchen

Your architecture provides the framework

We take your measurements: with individual widths and heights, we develop the frame of your kitchen, which fits into your architecture with millimetre precision and in the desired shape – without any blinds or fitting pieces.

Widths and sides as you want them

The custom-made frame profiles have grooves for side panels, which in turn are prepared for the kitchen's interior fittings (shelves, pull-outs etc.). Their width depends entirely on your wishes – and not on standard dimensions as in the case of a carcass kitchen.

One side panel, many design aspects

In the J*GAST system, only a single side panel connects the modules. In terms of design, it allows for a varied combination of opening and closing levels without any visible constructional elements in the vertical plane.

Shaping the horizontal structure: the handle bar

The striking handle bar defines the statics of our J*GAST kitchen and is also its handle solution. A J*GAST kitchen does without visible handles. All access to pull-outs and drawers starts from the formally characteristic handle profile.

The special features

J*GAST kitchens are as varied as your demands. What does that mean? For example, drawer systems with special details, individual sizes or even mobile subsystems. Revolving drawer doors that turn kitchen furniture into living room furniture in the blink of an eye, or integrated sockets, switches and cable ducts for hard-wired electrical appliances.

Be it a hob, an oven or a dishwasher. Trough fan, wine cooler or steamer: you can freely choose appliances for your kitchen from any manufacturer. And they can all be integrated flexibly and precisely into our system.