“What if we reinvent given norms?” This was the key question at the first Open Table.

Munich, 27 November 2021
First Open Table round in Munich

Oliver Jahn, Andreas Kühnlein (both from Magazin AD), Mike Meiré, Philipp Züllich (both from Meiré & Meiré), Johann Landersdorfer, Robert Innerhofer (both proprietors of the Landersdorfer & Innerhofer restaurant), Guido Walter (wine expert, philosopher and proprietor of Walter & Sohn wine store) as well as the collective and employees of J*GAST met at a big kitchen table in Munich. The evening kicked off a series of events in which alternating guests discuss central questions about cuisine and food culture in the 21st century.

J*GAST combines artisanal tradition with state-of-the-art production technologies.

“Today, products are often produced according to standards and norms from the last century. At J*GAST, we have fundamentally questioned this.” (Tobias Petri)

So long, standard sizes: the participants in the Open Table discussed what it means to break away from traditional ideas of kitchen furniture construction. What does it mean to say goodbye to the idea of classic carcass furniture, and what freedoms arise from this? At J*GAST, kitchens are designed – under this paradigm shift – as systematically as they are individually.

“What fascinates me about the J*GAST brand is that it has no history. It has no legacy which needs to be confronted. This is liberating.” (Mike Meiré)

J*GAST has the will to break with the continuity of what has been established. This results in a historic opportunity, which also brings all-embracing aspects of sustainability into focus.

“J*GAST stands for a holistic approach: the kitchen as a living space. As the centre of life. It’s not just about the kitchen as an architectural space, but rather also about what and how we eat.” (Christian Brandes)

Advertising for kitchens often shows mere backdrops. And the guests at the Open Table were unanimous on this point: this has nothing to do with kitchens and cooking. Kitchens need an open and lively concept. They should be aligned towards people’s lives. And not the other way round.

The Open Table format will be continued with interesting discussions on a meta-level of the kitchen – watch this space!